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Lots of Ways to stay connected

Through our virtual communities, Football Club, Serving Ministries, etc.

Virtual Communities

We thank God for virtual communities during this season of social distancing, fear and global pandemic.
Virtual communities are as varied as the people we serve. We have groups of girls, young adults, boys, virtual hangouts, football, Bible Study, Prayer & many more..

Get in touch if you would like to join in or know more.

NOFRA (Ladies)

NOFRA (General)

New Navy Nagar

Colaba Post Office


Bhakti Park, Wadala


Parel (General)

Parel (Bible Study)

Peddar ones Road

Khargar to Thane

Online cells


BBFC is a professional football club started in 2016 with a vision  to impact the youth of the Mumbai city with strong leadership values on & off the pitch.

The club’s underlying purpose is to provide a platform to the football lovers, build relationships and help them grow in their careers and share the love of god and sport.

Among the main principles are the desire to promote ethics in sport and bridge the gap between the professional and business side of football, while maintaining the utmost respect towards fans and all sport enthusiasts.

Pray  ||  Play  ||  Repeat


As a church, we are committed to seeing God work in our lives in very tangible ways. To “ask and keep on asking… Knock and keep on knocking… Seek and keep on seeking”, in Jesus’ words, is what we are called to do.

We know Prayer is Powerful. If you would like to join in this exciting journey of asking, seeking & knocking, join our Prayer Warriors on Sunday afternoon at 12:45 pm or on Tuesday Evening at 07:30 pm on the Church Campus.

If you have a prayer request or have seen an answer to prayer, do let us know in the form here.

Any prayer requests shared will remain confidential and will be shared with the Prayer Warriors solely for the purposes of prayer.


The church is also involved in several social causes both in the vicinity of the church and in other parts of Mumbai.

Leprosy Affected

Reaching out to people suffering from Leprosy: Approximately 25 people come to the church every Sunday where they share a meal and hear from God’s Word.

Street Kids Ministry

The church is also involved in several social causes both in the vicinity of the church and in other parts of Mumbai.

Adult Literacy

This ministry engages with people who work around the church and have not had the benefit of a formal education.