A little about us

We are a vibrant church located in Colaba (South Mumbai) // With a diverse congregation, BBC shares the love of Jesus with all.

Looking for a church? Feel free to make this your family!

Our Mission & Vision

Church: People, not buildings

Contrary to the popular misconception of church as just a building, BBC is a community of people who share the common desire to be a catalyst of hope in a world of hopelessness, day in and day out.

We believe that we are called to share the love of Christ with each other as well as every other person we cross paths with!

Meet Our Lead Team

Joemon & Sunitha

Senior Pastor

Caleb & Ruby


Benny & Bharti


Vinamzi & Joanna

Pastor: Radical Generation (Youth Service)

Our History

 BBC has seen God’s faithfulness for over a century. The journey began at Byculla, Mumbai, in 1865 and soon after, the church moved to the current premise in Colaba in 1911.

About thirty years ago, BBC experienced charismatic renewal. From Colaba, we have seen God enabling us to begin more than 120 house churches across India and overseas, social organisations, schools and even a Bible College.

Our Beliefs & Values

Our core value over these growing years has been  ‘PEOPLE ARE IMPORTANT’. As we have embraced this relational aspect of the church we have seen God ‘Building Lives and Shaping Destinies’. These days God has given us a vision to see ‘CITIES REBORN’ through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are passionate and intentional about planting churches in the cities of India and other nations. We believe that as God works in us through His power, He will enable us to reach out to people with the love of Jesus Christ.